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If you need affordable, comprehensive motor cover for your car, then the CFC Motor Comprehensive Cover is for you. CFC Comprehensive Motor covers all executive and standard vehicles, including any light delivery vehicles, motorcycles, caravans and trailers (max 750kg mass) that are used for social and pleasure purposes as well as business use.

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Top Up has been designed as a “rescue plan” for those times when your comprehensive policy does not respond, but you are still responsible to your bank for outstanding finance.

Top Up comes to the rescue when:
A) Your claim is repudiated due to breach of policy conditions. For example, when you accidentally forget to pay a monthly premium, resulting in your claim for damages being rejected.

B) Late notification – if you unintentionally fail to comply with certain formal requirements such as notifying your comprehensive insurer within 30 days of the damage and your claim is repudiated, again, Top Up will come to the rescue!

C) Shortfall Cover – when your vehicle is written off and the payment by your comprehensive policy is not sufficient to settle the outstanding balance owed to the vehicle’s finance house.